The Kitebox Photography Package

At Kitebox, we are obsessed with stunning images - still or in motion. With wedding photography, we look to capture moments that will wow everyone who sees them. We know about weddings like Mary Berry knows great cake. This helps us to be relaxed when we shoot, have a little fun, and focus on taking amazing photos. 

We'll shoot in a hybrid of styles that follow four schools of thought. Our eye for journalistic or reportage wedding photography sees that we capture candid moments that might otherwise go noticed. Our love for fine art wedding photography inspires meticulously arranged shots of elegant accessories and intricate details. The traditional side to our wedding photography means that we will happily snap organised group photos of friends and family. Finally, our years of experience in film help to create a cinematic edge like no other. 

 Have a look below at our featured reels that show the type of style we offer. More information can be found on our 'Read more information' button location on the home page.

To see our pricing PDF , or ask any questions regarding our photography please don't hesitate to contact us via our social media or contact details at the bottom.


A Few Gems


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